Jenifer Green CPM, RM

I am a certified, professional midwife working in Colorado Springs. I have a degree in counseling and have a heart to know and understand people. I also love to ballroom dance, cook and eat amazing food, and read with my kiddos.

I pursued midwifery through a traditional apprenticeship, learning from an experienced midwife for many years. Some wisdom can only be gained with time. My passion is helping women with care and understanding through this transformative time in life. Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are normal stages of life and are meant to be nurtured. I want to empower my clients to make the decisions about their birth and baby. I want them to be surrounded by those that make them feel safe and supported. Pregnancy and birth are powerful, beautiful events. They can be a time of great intimacy between the mom and her partner, self-exploration for the mom, and abundant growth for the family.

Tiffany Miller CPM, RM

As most women do, I wear many hats. Colorado Springs midwife is one of them. However, wife, mother, and homemaker are my fanciest hats. Considered a bit of a nerd, I am an avid reader, a coffee-lover, crochet newbie, and a Christian. My family has called Colorado Springs home for 14 years. I truly love this area and the people who make up our community here.

I gave birth to four beautiful tiny humans under the care of midwives. Two were born on the east coast, and two right here in the Springs. Midwives have played such key roles in my own care, that I desired to become a midwife myself. If it weren’t for the care I received, I would never have had such positive experiences.

I am a Certified Professional Midwife and am licensed to practice direct-entry midwifery in Colorado as a Registered Midwife. I look forward to walking with you during your birthing year.

Emily Thompson CPM, RM

My passion for birth began with the births of my own children, and has only expanded in the past 10 years that I have been attending births.  I love every aspect of birth: the complexity and science of pregnancy and birth, the relational and emotional aspect of birth as a child is added to a family, and the bond that grows between the midwife and the family as they walk through the weeks and months leading up to the birth of the child.

As a midwife, I consider my top priority to be helping clients and those surrounding them to be well-informed and fully understanding of both pregnancy and birth, as well as all the choices that are made during prenatal care, childbirth and the early days of parenting.  I provide down-to-earth, warm and compassionate care, and consider myself to have the best job out there.