Welcome to the Peak Midwife Collective!

The first of its kind in Colorado Springs, the midwives of the PMC are excited to introduce you to this unique way of offering affordable home birth services to the Pikes Peak region.  Please explore the website and then contact us to set up a consultation to have your specific questions answered.  

Our Mission

The Peak Midwifery Collective firmly believes that every woman can benefit from care with a midwife.  The midwifery model of care has been shown time and again to improve birth outcomes for mother and baby both physically and emotionally.  Our goal with this collective is to improve access to this type of care for women who are uninsured, under-insured, or insured by Medicaid, CHP Plus, or Tricare.

The Midwives

Care with the Collective


A team of 2 midwives attends each birth, closely monitoring mother and baby  through active labor and immediate postpartum.



Complete prenatal care is provided with all standard testing offered.


Meet the doulas who provide their services at a reduced cost for clients of the PMC


There are two home visits shortly after the birth, plus follow up care in the office during the 6 week postpartum period.


Affordable care at a set monthly fee.

Affordable Options

Essential and Comprehensive Care Packages Available